2025 Earlybird orders now live



In our digital world, there is still something extremely special about the arrival of letters and parcels in the post. Amongst the mundanities of utility bills and junk mail, that surprise of finding something we’ve been looking forward to on the doormat never wanes. It’s a universal truth that the opening of an eagerly awaited gift or piece of mail sparks a certain childlike joy in all of us.

Mark+Fold have tapped into this magic with their much-loved subscription service. Launched in 2016 (not long after the company was started) it has seen sign-ups from stationery devotees from all around the globe. For those who aren’t familiar with how it works, click here to find out more.


The premise is simple and works in the same way as any other subscription. You commit to a package that suits you, and over the course of the year, you’ll receive a specially curated and beautifully wrapped Mark+Fold parcel. Depending on the level of subscription, the contents will differ – but rest assured that being part of the subscriber service means you’ll be the first to receive the latest products and priority access on number choices for limited editions. Notebooks, pencils, page markers, greetings cards and a host of other desktop additions. For Mark+Folders who opt for the ‘Ultimate Subscription’, you’ll receive a Leather Notebook Cover, a Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen or one of the coveted Carl Aubock Brass Jumbo Paperclip


At Mark+Fold, we understand better than most, how stationery is a personal space. We all have our unique requirements when it comes to being happy in our notebooks, planners or pen and pencil ‘place’. By choosing stationery that suits our aesthetic and principles, we can sink into the pleasure zone when we’re scribbling down ideas, dreaming up holiday plans, sketching out a timetable for work commitments. The subscription service is ideally timed, so that each quarter, your stationery is effortlessly replenished according to your taste. No more sprints to grab a crummy A4 lined pad from the local supermarket or stationers. These impulsive sub-standard purchases always end up being relegated anyway, once it’s replaced by the new Mark+Fold version, so in effect, the subscription service is a more eco-friendly way to shop!


As well as being easy peasy – you’ll get first dibs on the best new bits. With an ever-expanding range, it’s easier to include a wider variety of nice things. At Mark+Fold, the Subscribers are referred to as the ‘inner circle’, so when the timing is right, they’ll be the lucky ones in receipt of stationery that nobody else has even seen yet! For example, this month, new subscribers will receive the latest Notebook Edition in Rust and Lichen. Diaries are also put to one side and reserved for those who prefer specific colours. Mark+Fold Subscribers are taken care of – so much so, there are plenty who are in their 7th year. 

Packages include a handwritten note from M+F founder, Amy, with some more in-depth detail about the design or production, or provenance of the product. It’s an open dialogue with the customer – a way of sharing information back and forth. It helps to improve the M+F service and the quality of the range. Your loyalty is (of course) rewarded, by way of a 20% reduction in the RRP of what’s included in the package. It’s the Mark+Fold way of thanking you for your commitment. 

If you’re considering joining the inner circle, click here to view our subscription page. We look forward to hearing from you.