Our stationery is made by experts, whose skilled craftsmanship has been passed down through several generations. We work locally with binderies and paper mills in the UK and Northern Europe. There is nothing better than to stand among the wonderful noises and smells of a busy factory, and we are very proud to share stories of our factory visits with you. 


Orginal heidelberg, printing press, hotfoil, Mark+Fold notebooks, printed in Scotland


We work with a family-run printer in Aberdeen, who use a series of traditional Heidelberg ‘Windmill’ presses, so named because of the rotating heads that scoop up the sheets of paper and return them to the other side of the press once they’re printed. These machines make a fantastic rhythmic noise while they are running. We had the great pleasure of visiting to take these pictures in October 2015, just as the very first Mark+Fold products were on press.

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Cold glue ota-binding, Netherlands, layflat binding, Mark+Fold notebooks  


Since the 19th century, the Turnhout region of Belgium has specialised in printing and book-binding. School children in the region can specialise in print from the age of twelve, and almost everyone you meet is connected to the industry. The quality of craftsmanship, passed through the generations, results in a quality of finish that we have not seen elsewhere.

Our partnership began with the first batch of Our First Notebook in November 2015, and we have worked together on all Mark+Fold notebooks and diaries since then. Our specialist binding technique was first applied to artist publications and coffee table books. The sections are thread-sewn and bound using a thin layer of glue applied cold and allowed to air dry, which retains flexibility. The cover is then attached via two neat hinges either side, using a very strong glue, so the result is as robust as it is elegant.

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Mark+Fold studio London, the modern stationer 

MARK+FOLD Studio in London

The Mark+Fold studio in London is where we design our products and send out orders to customers around the world. We have an ever-growing collection of papers, which are the starting point for prototyping new product ideas, and making short run Hand-made Exercise Books. Working with paper every day connects us with our materials, and with the products our customers are holding in their hands.

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