The British stationery brand, known for understated simplicity and uncommonly good quality since 2015. Our mission is to help you get in the zone, so you can achieve great things.

Mark+Fold range Christmas 2020

We create some of the best notebooks and diaries in the world.

Thanks to the quality of our materials, skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Channelling decades of research, both as stationery fans and book designers, we've created a simple range of functional paper-goods that are a joy to use.


Founded in 2015 by Amy Cooper-Wright

Building on a lifelong obsession with stationery and over 15 years experience in branding and book design, Mark+Fold launched in 2015 but the idea had been percolating for many years before that. There are many threads that weave together to form the inspiration for Mark+Fold: growing up in a family of Scottish architects, studying at Oxford University, working in design teams at agencies like Pentagram and designing coffee table books for Vancouver Art Gallery.


Amy Cooper-Wright in the studio

Known for our considered edit of timeless classics

An antidote to fast fashion, digital noise and overwhelming choice, Mark+Fold is born of a love for good notebooks and an obsession with materials and making. We are a team of hyper-organised people who love to get things done and use satisfying tools and processes to get us there. Frustrated with the quality of high street notebooks, we decided to embark on this journey in 2015 and create our own.


Led by conversations with our community

Designed for independent-minded people with ambitious goals, an eye for good design and an exacting taste in stationery. We create functional tools to help you rationalise your busy thoughts into a neat system. In order to make them truly useful, we start by talking to people about how they think and build a system that supports that. 


We take our impact seriously

For us this means setting an example of responsible production, with total transparency. We are proud to share stories about each of our skilled teams of printers and book-binders. We gain so much from their multi-generational knowledge, and love visiting them to throw ideas around.

But for us, impact does not stop there. We also believe in over-delivering on design, quality and customer service. We feel a profound respect and appreciation for the people who choose to support our business, and we like to take good care of them.


“It’s the Apple of stationery. Unwrapping a Mark+Fold parcel is legit a transcendental experience.”

Ivelisse, Georgia USA


“Thanks heavens for Mark+Fold. The quality is second to none.”

Joanne, London UK



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