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Sustainably sourced paper

We personally visit our paper mills to learn about the various ways they are contributing to sustainable supply chains and striving to have a positive impact on their local environment.


FSC forest, Finland

FSC-certified paper

All Mark+Fold diaries and notebooks are expertly made in the UK and Europe, using FSC-certified papers.

This means that they are certified by the Forest Stewardship Commission (FSC). The FSC runs a global verification to ensure that: (1) Forests are sustainably managed: for every tree felled, three more trees are planted to ensure the future of the forest, and (2) There is a verifiable chain of custody of all forest products. Our paper mills have a documented record of precisely where their pulp originates, and that it came from a sustainable source.


River Kent, Kendall Cumbria, James Cropper Mill, paper mill, Mark+Fold notebooks

Responsible Water Use

Paper mills tend to be sited on a river, as historically the running water would power the mill. Today water still plays an important role in the process, as copious amounts of water are needed to mix the pulp and integrate dies in coloured papers, before they are rolled out into smooth sheets.

The mills we work with are sustainably managed, which means they work closely with the Environment Agency, who check that the water is returned to the river as clean or cleaner than when it left.

At the James Cropper Mill in Cumbria, the water they return to the River Kent is so clean that it has crayfish and fresh-water mussels living in it. 


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