2025 Earlybird orders now live

About pre-orders

How pre-orders work

While we are busy working on a new batch or special edition, we offer the item for pre-order, so that you can be sure to reserve your copy and receive one as soon as they become available. As a token of our appreciation for your loyalty to the Fold, we offer you a special pre-order price (sometimes even an extra special Early-bird price as well for the uber-organised among you!). This helps us gauge demand, so that we neither under- nor over-produce, and so that we can continue to support our wonderful local suppliers in the UK and Europe. 

Environmental benefits of pre-ordering

Pre-orders help us to reduce waste, because we’re able to accurately predict the number of copies we need to meet customer orders, and avoid over-producing (unlike mass produced diaries which are often heavily discounted at the end of the season, with unsold copies going to waste). 

Pre-orders instead of sales

We prefer to do things this way round, because we get to reward our most loyal (and most organised) customers upfront, rather than the best prices being available in end-of-season sales. In fact, we try to avoid sales altogether, aside from our annual Seconds Sale, where we find a good home for any copies that have suffered minor bumps or flaws. 

Timing & Delivery

When an item is offered for pre-order, you will find information on the product page about delivery timings. These are estimated to the best of our knowledge, in conversation with our printers and book-binders. Sometimes there are slight delays, and you will be kept updated with the most accurate timings at every stage.

Splitting an order

If you place one order and pay a single shipping charge (or receive Free Shipping over £50), then all items in your order will be sent together. So if you order several items in July including a Diary and the Diary is ready at tge end of September, then your full order will be sent in September. If, however, you'd like some items to arrive right away, then you can split your order (and pay any additional shipping rates incurred) and we'll send all available items the same day if it's before 1pm, otherwise the next working day.


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