'Pick your Planner' Edition 3: The Wall Planner

'Pick your Planner' Edition 3: The Wall Planner

Welcome to the third in our Pick Your Planner Series. We'll be taking a deep-dive into the design details of each planner in our range. This is for those of you who really like to do your research when making such an important stationery purchase!

This time we're taking at our largest and boldest format: The Wall Planner

Good if you like:

- seeing the full year in one go

- displaying your planner on the wall as home-office decor meets organisational mecca

- checking key dates and appointments at a glance from your desk

What's the layout of this planner?

The Mark+Fold Wall Planner poster is designed to offer a full picture of the whole year in one go. The months are along the top, with days of the week down the left-hand side. Unlike many less-well-thought-out Wall Planners, ours has the days & weekends aligned horizontally. This means you can quickly see if a week starts on a Thursday or a Monday. This is the kind of thing that helps build your mental 'picture' and feel on top of what's happening when.

With a subtle spotlight on the weekends, the first day of the month falls at differing heights across the calendar. This creates a kind of ‘graphic equalizer’ effect (and guaranteed warm, fuzzy feeling for the analogue music fans out there).

It makes it easy to see how many working weeks there are in any given month (Instead of having to run through the ’30 days hath September’ rhyme in your head). There’s also the added bonus that with a lighting-speed glimpse, you can see which friends are lucky enough to have birthdays that fall on a Saturday. 

As with all our Diaries & Planners, we make sure there is as much space as possible for your own writing. After all, this is your wall planner – not ours! 

How is it made?

Printed traditionally on a litho press here in London. The beautiful 175gsm paper is made sustainably in Cumbria in England's lake district. 

Where home / office / home-office decor meets stationery joy

The Mark+Fold Wall Planner is perfectly poised to bring a sense of place for all your hopes, dreams (and dental appointments). The layout makes it feel like deliberate décor – rather than necessary admin.

All you need to do now, is grab your favourite pen and get planning. After the chaos of Christmas festivities, is there any finer way to start the new year? We think not.

Thanks for reading this first edition of the 2024 Pick your Planner Series, we hope you’ve found it useful. As stationery-lovers ourselves, we appreciate that finding the right planner can feel like a huge decision. It's so impotrtant to find one that works for you and your lifestyle. The next edition will focus on: The Monthly Planner

You can browse all our Diaries + Planners here or drop us a line if you have any questions.

As always, we love to hear your feedback and suggestions, or to see pictures of your planners in their natural habitat, filled with notes! So please do share and tag us #mymarkandfold @markandfold.