Stack of paper at James Cropper mill in Burneside Cumbria UK

For the 2022 Mark+Fold Diary, we’ve used our all-time favourite paper — vanilla smooth 120gsm. Made in the Lake District, it’s exactly the same as the one we used for our very first Notebook Mark One, back in 2015. Unlike common or garden diary paper, this one is made on something called a ‘twin-wire Fourdrinier’ which means it’s equally smooth on both sides. “But isn’t all paper smooth on both sides?”, you say. Surprisingly, the answer is, “No”. 

Paper tends to have a ‘front’ and a ‘back’ side. This is because you’re only really supposed to write (or print) on one side. This sounds absurd until you’ve tried writing on this particular calibre of paper, which is silky smooth on both sides, with absolutely zero difference in texture from one side of the paper to the other. This subtle, but perceptible luxury means your writing experience is seamless and uninterrupted, page after page. We know how important ‘flow’ is, so this is our way of helping you achieve it. 


twin wire fourdrinier machine, james cropper paper mill cumbria
The twin-wire Fourdrinier at James Cropper Mill, Cumbria 


The vanilla colour is warm, without being too yellow. Think of it as more of a sophisticated, elevated ‘off-white’. For the Mark+Folders out there who missed our article on ‘100 White Papers’, you can read it here. 

The finer details are what make our products stand out. They are the reason we choose to work with the experts - such as the James Cropper Mill. Based in Burneside near Kendal, it relies on the powerful River Kent to power the production line that produces some of the best paper products made in the U.K. For a snoop around their mill, click here to see what happened when the Mark+Fold team paid a visit in February 2021. It was an unforgettable trip - and much noisier than we expected!