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Birthdays are always cause for celebration — and for Mark+Fold, this month marks our 6th year of Marking+Folding. It all started one cold November evening back in 2015, when we invited a bunch of friends to join us for a drink at a little bar in London’s Clerkenwell so we could show them what we'd been working on for the past few months.

We’d created the kind of notebook we wanted to use every day, and stuck to what really mattered (to us), from using zero plastic, to supporting small local suppliers and documenting the making process to make it truly transparent. Of course we spent months getting the layflat binding just right, choosing the papersand developing the all-paper packaging — with such a simple product, these fine details are everything.


The first batch of Mark One Notebooks, 2015


Fast forward six years to this summer, when we spoke to some of our Mark+Fold customers and were struck by just how much we had in common! Not just an appreciation for good stationery, but a slight obsession with spreadsheets, list-writing and daily rituals that help us feel calm, organised and on top of things. It gave us a renewed belief in the things we think are important and has helped us to grow our gang of paper-lovers, week by week. 

Every year brings new opportunities for us, but if there’s one thing we love the most, it’s seeing photographs of customers' diaries, filled with the details of their lives, and receiving emails from people on the other side of the world to tell us how much pleasure it gives them to use our stationery every day. 



Customers' #mymarkandfold images


Every year since we launched, we’ve held a party — an opportunity to buy you all a drink and chat stationery with like-minded paper lovers. Being able to recognise faces in the crowd of loyal customers has always felt wonderful, especially as an online business like ours — and we look forward to being able to do that again soon. 

In the meantime, we’d like to take this 6 year anniversary as an opportunity to thank you for being part of the Fold and to wish you all the happiest end to the year, and an exciting, positive start to the next one (which we hope will be full of grand plans and really, really good paper!). 

To celebrate our 6th birthday, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on all UK orders and free shipping on all international orders over £60 for the next 6 days. The offer starts today, giving you 6 days to enjoy Mark+Fold without delivery costs. Thanks to your support, we can raise a pen (or pencil) and toast “Happy 6th birthday to us!”.

Thank you. 




Letterpress blind deboss 'Thank You' cards by Mark+Fold, 2016