2025 Earlybird orders now live



Since we aren't able to throw a party in person this year, we're inviting you to raise a glass wherever you are and join in our little birthday quiz. If you're a long-time Mark+Fold customer, these questions will be easy!


1. What type of paper do we use for our receipts?
2. What colour was the first ever notebook we produced? 
3. Which British weaver did we collaborate with in 2017?
4. Last weekend's Journal post was about 'The Humble...' what?
5. What do we hand-write on the first page of our notebook / diary editions?
6. Our Ultimate Stationery Gift Box includes which eraser?
To enter, submit your answers in the comments below, or by commenting on our related instagram posts. We'll choose winners at random from all correct entries on Thursday 25th November. 

First Prize: 2022 Diary Gift Box was awarded to Georgia Hill
Second prize: Everyday Notebook was awarded to Emma Hammarsten