Carl Auböck for Mark+Fold

Specialists in 'simplicity and high quality – no fashionable tricks'

Carl Auböck Atelier in Vienna has been crafting modern objects in brass, ever since Carl Auböck II took over his father's atelier in the early 20th century, having been influenced by his time as a painter at the Bauhaus School. 



In November 2020, we were honoured to work with Carl Auböck Atelier to have these paperclips made especially for Mark+Fold. This particular form had been out of production for some time, so we feel very privileged to have them in our collection of desk objects.



The Carl Aubock Atelier 

Carl Auböck was founded in the 19th century as a traditional metal workshop in Vienna, where it still operates from today. The second Carol Auböck left home to study at the Bauhaus and was inspired by modern abstract art in his painting practise. When his elderly father became ill, he returned to run the family atelier, bringing with him his modernist influences. He went on to create hundreds of objects in brass and bronze, including his famous 'egg' paperweight that lived on the desk of Walther Gropius when he taught at the Bauhaus School. Now run by the fourth generation of the Auböck family, the atelier continues to produce modern household objects such as paperweights, bookmarks and candleholders, all exquisitely crafted in sleek bronze and polished brass.