Thank You Cards | Joschmi



Thank you card, featuring the Bauhaus Joschmi typeface. 

Litho printed in Scotland, onto 380gsm ivory card, made sustainably in Cumbria using FSC-certified pulp.

Edition of 250, December 2020.



Designed by Joost Schmidt (whose name undoubtedly influenced the name 'Joschmi'). Constructed on grid paper in 1930, this lesser known font's modular shapes simply consist of half circles, quarter circles and square strokes with half-round terminals. Joschmi overcomes legibility issues usually associated with this stencil style, with special attention to the design of white space. 

This typeface is based on lettering by Carl Marx (1911–1991), designed during his first semester at the Bauhaus in Joost Schmidt’s class, in 1932. Although the letter proportions are based on Schmidt’s teachings, the forms are not constructed from compass and ruler, but drawn with brush and marker, lending the words a warm and lively touch.