As a small independent business, pre-orders help us to turn new ideas into reality, confident in the knowledge that we have some customer orders under our belt, before we place our sizeable order for materials and book production slots at our factories.

Pre-orders enable us to work creatively with a broad range of beautiful materials and finishes, and to support expert, local factories. This means all our materials and finished items can be made sustainably, and to an exceptionally high standard of quality, here in the UK and Belgium.

We are immensely grateful to all the loyal customers who support our work in this way. The fact that you repeatedly put your faith in us to deliver an object you will love, really means the world to us and makes all the hard work worthwhile.

As a token of our appreciation, we offer all pre-order items at a special price while they are still in production.

We do this instead of Sales — we produce beautifully-made things, responsibly and sustainably, and charge a fair price for them, all year round. We make in small batches and aim to always sell every last one, so we rarely have 'end of season' items we need to get rid of. We do however hold a Seconds Sale twice a year, with damaged or imperfect items sold at half price.


Please note:


— Pre-orders are sent as soon as the new stock arrives. We will keep you updated about timings, and you will receive an email notification once it has been shipped.

— If you order other items at the same time, we will send everything together once all items are in stock, to make efficient use of postage and packaging. However, if you would prefer to receive your items in two separate parcels, please either place two separate orders, or contact us to arrange to pay for additional shipping.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.