First created as a limited edition for the Mark+Fold launch, our Hand-sewn Exercise Books have proven so popular with customers and stockists that they have continued, in a series of different colours and materials, through over 30 different iterations. 

We create these in our London studio, starting with B1 sheets of paper, which are folded down into sections. The booklets are pierced with a bookbinder's awl, to make holes for sewing. We use a cardboard jig to ensure the holes are correctly placed. 

The booklet is sewn, along with the end page and cover, using waxed linen thread and a bookbinder's needle. We use a three-hole sewing technique, with the thread tied in a simple knot at the centre-fold. 


The books are trimmed on a guillotine for a clean edge, before trimming the fore-edge (the front of the book) by hand, to reveal the contrasting end page underneath. We also use contrasting threads so each notebook is easily identified on a shelf, and to help you organise your notebooks by theme or project.

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