Update for International customers

7th January 2021


To our dear customers in Europe, and around the world, 

Since the recent tax changes in the UK, you will notice some changes to our pricing — in effect you will now pay lower prices than before, however you may be subject to import tax when your order arrives in your country. 

We hope that, on balance, you will be paying the same or less than before. But we urge you to stay in contact and let us know of any issues with the process, so that we can work to smooth these out. We value our international community of customers immensely, and will do all we can to make ordering from us as straightforward as possible for you. 


Please note:

1. When browsing the site, you will continue to see our UK prices (which include VAT), until you enter your delivery address. After this point the pricing will be adjusted to exclude VAT (ie. minus approx 20%).

2. This affects all international customers (including USA, Canada, Australia, Japan), so you should be pleasantly surprised by the lower prices at checkout.


If you have any suggestions or feedback, please please get in touch. Now more than ever, we would LOVE to hear from you.

Very warm wishes from London

Amy and the Mark+Fold team