When all the details are just right, a great notebook has the power to spark creativity and inspire grand plans — a perfect blank canvas. All our notebooks are diaries use exceptionally good paper, and are bound so that they flop open, effortlessly.



A good notebook should open flat, without force. Unlike cheaper notebooks which often use stiff glues, our diaries and notebooks are made in thread-sewn sections, and bound using a very thin layer of glue that is applied cold. The result is as robust as it is elegant, combining strength with the flexibility for the book to flop open effortlessly flat to 180 degrees. Read more

We also produce small batches of hand-sewn Exercise Books at our studio in London. Read more



We sampled 100 White Papers to find just the right one for our notebook pages. Made at an historic mill in Scotland, it is luxuriously smooth and thick enough even for very inky pens. Read more



All our stationery is made in small batches, and our Limited Editions are individually numbered. You are welcome to request a specific number when placing your order for a Limited Edition item, for example '10/200'. We are proud to share the details of where, when and how many were made, as part of our transparent production process. Read more



We create stationery in the spirit of the clothes we like to wear, and how we furnish our home — timeless, classic, understated and gender-neutral. We add only subtle touches like our thumbcut motif, to enhance the inherent beauty of the material.



We aim to create layouts that offer just enough structure to help your organise your thoughts, and to spark new ideas. We believe that stationery should not be prescriptive, so we keep things as neutral and flexible as possible, allowing you the freedom to create your own 'system.' Read about how we designed the Mark+Fold diary.

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