'This is the absolute best "week at a glance" page layout that I've ever seen in a planner. The details are all right. I love the space at the left of the week to write a to-do list or weekly goals. The space above each day's section to label important days/holidays. The ability to use the day section by time (morning, afternoon, evening) or as a to-do list, or both. And the space below to write extraneous notes. It's brilliant!'

Joel, Chicago USA


"I really appreciate having a high quality "canvas" to organize however I want. I was actually really surprised by how hard it was to find a planner that's sophisticated and sleek. A lot of times the covers are over-the-top or the inside is too prescriptive or the quality just isn't there, so I'm so glad I stumbled across yours." 

Kate, Atlanta USA


'It is easy to lose a lot of time in the planning of a new diary and in flicking back and forth, forth and back, smoothing through the pages of new stationery, thinking, gosh, this really is such nice paper.' 

Huma Qureshi, Author, London UK