Welcome to the COMMUNITY section of our website. This is where you can read our recent articles in our JOURNAL including our Face Behind the Workspace series, where we meet Mark+Folders and have a peek into their workspaces. You can also read CUSTOMER REVIEWS and enter our PHOTO OF THE MONTH competition for a chance to win a £25 Gift Card.

Mark+Fold grew out of our stationery-loving community. It's been a delight to find there are like-minded people all over the world who share an (almost unhealthy) obsession with stationery and organisation. Jokes aside, we believe that good stationery can improve your life — just as a mountain-climber would equip themselves with the right boots, we feel that when you sit at your desk to do your best work, you should have the right tools in hand. May they inspire you to make bold plans and achieve great things!


Paul de Zwart, our recent interviewee on the Journal.