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About pre-orders

Each year we produce the Mark+Fold Diary in limited numbers and due to popular demand we open pre-orders in April for the following January. As a small independent business, pre-orders help us manage our ordering process and avoid waste; in return we thank our loyal customers with special pre-order pricing. We do this instead of end-of-season sales and so far it has ensured that we sell every copy.

Please note

Pre-order price available until August 2023. Diaries will ship towards the end of September, along with additional items within the same order. 

Since 2017, we have produced the Mark+Fold Diary in limited numbers each year in a choice of colours. Many customers choose to return year after year, thanks to our award-winning minimal layout which offers a clear picture of the week and just the right amount of structure without being prescriptive. We use beautiful Scottish-made paper, and like our layflat notebooks, we bind our diaries using cold-glue 'ota-binding', which helps them fall open perfectly flat on your desk. We often sell out of the most popular colours pre-Christmas, so we advise placing your order as early as possible.

Diary customers benefit from an automatic discount on DIARY ADD-ON items.

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About pre-orders

When you place a pre-order with us, you benefit from special pre-order pricing (a small token of our appreciation). You also help us to reduce waste, because we’re able to accurately predict the number of copies we need to meet customer orders, and avoid over-producing (unlike mass produced diaries which are often heavily discounted at the end of the season, with unsold copies going to waste). Finally, you help support a small creative business to keep on going (the majority of our sales happen around Christmas and pre-orders help us to sustain ourselves throughout the quieter times of year). 

Timeline & pricing

The Pre-order price of £40 is offered to those organised enough to place an order before the end of August 2023.

All pre-order customers will be invited to choose from a range of colours which will be revealed in September 2023. 

About the Mark+Fold Diary

Limited edition A5 week-to-view diary, with dated double-page spreads from January 2024 — December 2024, plus a week either side. Also includes year overview page for 2024 and 2025, and an 8-page dot grid section for notes. 

Now in its eighth year, the Mark+Fold Diary is appreciated by stationery connoisseurs around the world and we are proud to gain new converts each year, many of whom tell us they will never go back.


How it’s made

We use a fountain-pen-friendly 120gsm paper, which is super smooth and a beautiful, warm off-white shade. It is made sustainably in Scotland at an historic paper mill renowned for its high quality papers, made with water from the nearby River Don. 

All our notebooks and diaries are bound in thread-sewn sections with cold glue, resulting in a book that is as robust as it is elegant. The cover is attached via a strong 'hinge' front and back, rather than having any stiff glue applied along the spine itself. This allows for beautiful flexibility and a perfect 'layflat' for the most comfortable writing experience. 

All Mark+Fold stationery is expertly made in the UK and Europe, using FSC-certified papers.  

How we designed it

The Mark+Fold Diary layout is the result of extensive research into existing diary layouts, and in-depth discussions with our customers about what they felt was and wasn't working for them.

We focused on providing a clear 'picture of the week' using elegant, clean typography and neat 'zoning' of the page. We have kept things as simple as possible, with a view to offering structure without being prescriptive. The aim was to inspire you to make plans and feel excited about getting organised, but with the freedom to build your own 'system' — one that works for you and your life.

Read more about how we designed the Mark+Fold diary.

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Join the community

When you start using the M+F diary you join a club of like-minded stationery lovers. Many have told us that after years of hunting for the right diary, they tried ours and never looked back! While we won’t hold you to that, we do like to think of this as a club and it’s a joy to see 'Folders' sharing notes on how they use theirs. After all, it’s really about the great plans the diary inspires you to make, more than the diary itself. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jessie B.
I have become a huge fan

Since receiving a Mark + Fold diary for Christmas after searching high and low for the perfect, ethically produced diary I have become a huge fan of all the stationery on offer. The quality of the paper is absolutely unparalleled.

Mark + Fold stationery is such a joy to use and I can't wait to add more to my collection in future!

The absolute best "week at a glance" layout that I've ever seen

This is the absolute best "week at a glance" page layout that I've ever seen in a planner. The details are all right. I love the space at the left of the week to write a to-do list or weekly goals. The space above each day's section to label important days/holidays. The ability to use the day section by time (morning, afternoon, evening) or as a to-do list, or both. And the space below to write extraneous notes. It's brilliant!