2021 CARDS | Walbaum



2021 card, featuring the Walbaum typeface.

Litho printed in Scotland, onto 380gsm ivory card, made sustainably in Cumbria using FSC-certified pulp.

Edition of 250, December 2020.



A lesser-known cousin of the popular Didot family, famous for its contrasting thin vertical lines and extravagantly thick horizontals. 

Dating back 200 years, Walbaum oozes charm and sophistication, while remaining warm and approachable. Justus Erich Walbaum designed his typeface in Germany
 in the early 1800s – creating an elegant yet readable modern serif that still “pushed a boundary in a very artful way. However the typeface was a victim of history and circumstance, with the Napoleonic Wars and the death of the designer’s son preventing Walbaum from fulfilling its potential. Although comparable typefaces
 such as Bodoni or Didot thrived, Walbaum flew largely under the radar 
– except for a period in the mid 20th century when it became a favorite choice for book typography.