Being allowed to look inside someone else’s notebook is a rare privilege. It’s a treat to see into this personal space, where thoughts are noted down with no reader in mind.

Our #pageturnerproject invites you to share the contents of your notebook by making a short film (or stills) as you flick through the pages. The marks made from one page to the next chart a journey through doodles, notes, lightbulb moments, lists, polished sketches and ideas you scribbled out. Together they tell a disjointed, honest story about a particular period of time, a project, a process.

We invite you to celebrate this process of filling a notebook, and of looking back through it once you reach the end. Tag your posts #pageturnerproject and give others a privileged glimpse.

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Viktorija Semjonova

Our first #pageturnerproject film is from illustrator Viktorija Semjonova of AndSmileStudio, who has been using our Cloth-bound Journal over the summer for her sketches and gouache paintings.