We work with some of the most expert printers, bookbinders and paper mills in the world. We put a lot of work into finding the right people to collaborate with us, since the materials and processes are integral to our design. We enjoy working with people that are expert in their craft and share our ambition to create something exceptional.


Known by the design and publishing trades as the leaders in Ota-binding, Hexspoor is based in the Noord-Brabant region of Holland. Set up by Grandfather Hexspoor in 1945 and now run by the third generation of the Hexspoor family. They strive for excellence and embrace bespoke requirements. They work with us to refine our notebook designs, trialling materials and bindings.

A family-run business based in Bridge of Don, just north of Aberdeen, Scotland. We work closely with Windmill as we develop new concepts, and through proofing and printing of each item. We like working with them as they are perfectionists who take great pride in their work. They use three beautifully-maintained Original Heidelberg machines, as well as a litho press.


Founded in Tokyo by Eichi Takeo in 1899. Committed to excellence and innovation, Takeo continues to lead in the production of fine papers in Japan. In their own words, “Paper has long played an important role in our society and economy, always present in our surroundings like air or water. As well as its function as a recording medium, paper is appreciated as a beautiful material that adorns and enriches our daily lives with its presence. Takeo’s fine papers combine this functionality and beauty.”